Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sonam Kapoor's dress stress

Designers all around the world love to dress celebrities in their collections. Most design houses send them clothes to wear in films, to events and for photo shoots. 

There is no better publicity. The bigger the movie star, the more eyeballs it grabs. With Sonam Kapoor being the best dressed actress, designers should be bending over backwards to flaunt their brand, but they have certain reservations.

Two designers who've received requests from Anil Kapoor Productions to send look-books (the catalogue featuring designs) are being cautious, all thanks to one man — Anuj Sharma, who claims that he'd given clothes for her home production Aisha, and he wasn't paid or given credit. He has been talking about it to people in the fraternity and warning designers that they would be meted out the same treatment. Designers James Ferreira and Rahul Mishra recently got requests from Anil Kapoor's office to source clothes for the actress. James says, "Yes, I've got a request. There is no harm sending look-books but if they (Anil and Sonam) want my clothes, they will have to pay and there needs to be an agreement. Or else, I'm not interested. Designers have separate rules for Bollywood people as there have been cases where designers were not paid and not given credit."

Rahul adds, "It's a great compliment that Sonam is interested in my clothes but if there is no money involved and I'm not even getting the credit then what's the use? If Anil and Sonam like my designs and want them, I would tell them to get into an agreement and pay up with assurance that I also get the credit."
Designer Anuj Sharma, who worked on Aisha says, "They (Anil's production crew) sourced clothes from me but no credit was given. The clothes never came back to me and I wasn't even paid." Sonam's sister and producer Rhea says, "I don't understand why Anuj is saying all this. Yes, we sourced his clothes but they were not used and we returned them. If he feels that he was not paid, he can send us a bill of this imaginary garment and we will pay him. It is also true that I asked for look books from designers, but I can't get into a contract for clothes that are being used for a magazine shoot. They (Rahul and James) should work with me and they will realise how professional we are. We never take talent and not give due credit."
Sonam told BT, "Anuj's clothes weren't even used. He is making it all up." 

Shah Rukh celebrates KKR's win

Shah Rukh charmed the spectators by waving at them, whistling and passing air kisses. Finally, when the last ball was bowled, SRK jumped onto the podium and danced along with the cheerleaders.

Later, he went back to the hotel with his friends Vivek Khuslani, Seema Kilachand and her son Yuvraj, Rustam and Tejinder Tiwari, Gauri's mother, Salil Chaturvedi, Kiran Gandhi, Jai,Wasim Akram and Gautam Reddy, and they partied till 3am. Said SRK, "The last three years were very difficult, but this year will be different. It was a tough win, but we are happy with the ways the boys are performing."

Hrithik's Krrish 3 delayed

Rakesh Roshan recently celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary. 

The mood on his personal front is upbeat but the filmmaker is upset that Krrish-3 that was to go on the floors on June 15 may now stand postponed by at least three months because Hrithik Roshan is neck deep with the Agneepath shoot and the promotions of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Chitrangda Singh, who plays the female mutant in the K-3 sequel, was actually holidaying with her husband recently and not training for stunts in China as was reported. In fact, Hrithik will train for stunts in China, a la Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Zarine, Sonakshi's cat fight!

Last week after the music launch of Ready,Salman Khan decided to hold an impromptu bash at his house. 

Leading lady Asin, as well as Zarine Khan who has done an item song in the film, got the invitation at the venue itself. Others received calls from Salman to join in the celebrations. Sonakshi Sinha joined the revellers at the Dabangg actor's pad later that night.

It has been reported that Sonakshi is super possessive about the actor and doesn't like other actresses cosying upto him. But this time she made a show of her anger. An eye-witness reveals, "She pushed Zarine, while walking past her, and then pretended that she hadn't even realised it!" It is known that Salman has a soft spot for both Sonakshi as well as Zarine and has been recommending their names to filmmakers. He is partial to them because they debuted with him — Zarine in Veer and Sona in Dabangg.

The insider continues, "It was such a sight. We thought a catfight would break out. We didn't know where to look and whether to laugh. When Sona first walked in, she walked past Zarine, without greeting her. Later when she saw that ZK was bonding with Salman and he was introducing her to all her friends, the Dabangg girl couldn't hide her irritation. Also the fact that Sallu got his buddy Sajid Nadiadwala to cast Zarine in Housefull 2 was still bothering her. Never mind the fact that he was instrumental in getting her a role in Shirish Kunder's Joker. Sonakshi sees Zarine as a rival for Salman's affections and young and spunky that she is, the Shotgun Junior (as she calls herself) decided to literally push her out of her way.

Interestingly, Salman was busy with his other friends and did not see her push the Veer girl. When Zarine reacted, Sonakshi told her it was "an accident. Not done intentionally". We want to believe Sonakshi, but we remember her cold vibes with Sallu's ex Katrina Kaif. Now Zarine is at the receiving end. While Zarine remained unavailable for comment, Sonakshi
denied the incident. 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Abhi gets Ash online

Abhishek Bachchan managed to get his gorgeous wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on Twitter for an hour's time on their anniversary day to chat with her fans!

Amitabh Bachchan often conveyed Ash the messages he would get from her fans on Twitter. The superstar father-in-law also tweeted about Ash and Abhishek and their household 'lesser known likes/dislikes' but could never convince his daughter-in-law to go online.

It was doting husband Abhishek who persuaded the actress to go online and chat with her fans on their 4th wedding anniversary yesterday.

Ash chatted for almost an hour through Abhishek's profile and graciously thanked her fans for showering so much love and affection on the couple.

It must be after ages that Aishwarya chatted with her fans through the internet.

The actresses didn't speak much but reverted most of the tweets addressed to her with 'thanks'.

Abhishek then whisked away his wife from her fans as they signed off to continue the celebrations of their special day.

Who is Kunal," mom asks Soha

While Soha's bro Saif is all ready to produce a film for her beau, Kunal Kemmu, her mom Sharmila didn't even know who the actor was until she learnt that her daughter was dating him. 

Soha recounted the incident to TOI, which resulted from a long-winding conversation. "Whenever I have to go somewhere with my mom, I'm pretty scared. You know, I am a very last-minute person. Like, I'll never decide on my clothes until the eleventh hour.

And the moment I hurriedly get ready, amma will look at me from head to toe and say, 'So, you will wear this and come along? I mean these shoes and umm... this dress? Okaay...' And amma is just the opposite – her things are in place well ahead of time, and she's very proper about everything," Soha told us.

So then, how was it working with her mother for the first time, for UK-based filmmaker Sangeeta Datta's "Life Goes On"? "I was not scared of the experience of working with her. For, we both are very comfortable with each other. We don't tread on each other's nerves. Like, for instance, if I know she's not in a good mood, I won't nudge her. I'd rather let her be. Same is for her when I'm not in a good mood, so we both give each other good space, which is why working with her was fine. I think people around me scared me saying stuff like 'You know what? This is your first scene with your mom, so better be careful'. In my first scene, I had to tell my mother that I've been dating someone and that I'm now expecting. And she gave me a stern expression... and that expression was very familiar, as I had seen it on her face sooo many times in real life," Soha laughed.

So, how were things when she had to tell her mom about her boyfriend for the first time? She laughed and ensured us that nothing filmi happened, and that things were rather funny. "Actually, amma didn't really know who Kunal Kemmu was! She hadn't seen his work or his films. But she had once come to the sets of "99" (in which Soha starred with Kunal). At that time, we were shooting a scene where Kunal was only in a pink-coloured bath robe. So, when I told her about me and Kunal, she asked 'Who is Kunal Kemmu?' Then I explained, 'Amma, remember the guy in that pink bath robe that day? It's him.' She said, 'Umm... okay! Strange choice!'" Soha broke into laughter again, "So she didn't really know him, but she's got to know him and his work now, over the past one-and-a-half years, and the two get along really well now."

Does that mean something funny happened when she told her dad? "Oh no no. He knows that I am a grown up and feels that it's me who has to live with the person I marry, so as long as I am happy, he's fine. Dad's very supportive and loving, but he doesn't really get involved in my personal life beyond a point. You know, you expect your mom to be the bridge between you and your dad. In college days, I remember, dad would talk to me about 'How are money matters? Whether I was okay with the money I have or I want more? And also whether my studies are going well? With mom I used to discuss more personal matters," Soha said.

Talking of personal matters, both Soha and Saif have been very open about their relationships, and not their respective partners. Any particular reason? "No, it's just that we feel there's nothing secretive about being in a relationship with someone. Even our parents were very open and vocal about their relationship. That too in an era when a Hindu and a Muslim being together was such a taboo. So I guess, we've learnt it from them," she said.

I love Sanju's style: Salman

Salman Khan admits that he grew up admiring Sanjay Dutt. "I loved everything about Sanju from his physique, to his style and walk,"' says Salman. In fact, when Salman (45) who is younger than Sanju (52), was growing up he would even work out at Sanju's gym. 

In short, these two men bonded big time. The relationship has grown to the next level now.

A month ago when Sanju was shooting for Rascals in Bangkok and Salman was there for Ready, the two actors often spent evenings together. The inside story is that Ajay Devgn and Sanjay have even done cameos in Ready because Salman has requested them to. But the important thing in all this is Salman's concern for Sanju. An insider says, "Sanju talked to Salman about wanting to lose weight." And Salman, who has the best physique in B-town (that's why he constantly drops his shirt!), has given Sanju a diet and exercise chart.

Salman refuses to divulge the details of his diet recommendation to Sanju but one hears that he has asked Sanju to abstain from alcohol at least five time a week and put him on the perfect protein and carb combination alongwith giving him the perfect muscle building workout regime. Says our source, "Sanju is religiously following Salman's diet advice.

If all goes well, when Sanju starts to shoot his portion as the baddie for Agneepath in May, he will be perfectly beefed up." Everyone knows that Sanju in his kancha-cheena avatar will take on Hrithik Roshan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan in Agneepath. And though Salman will not say it, one thing is sure; he wants his friend Sanjay to not only stand tall next to Hrithik, he wants Sanju to completely overshadow Duggu. The Salman-Hrithik war of words after Guzaarish could have something to do with this!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

SRK's singer croons for Salman's buddy!

SRK apparently missed out on hosting Akon's show over sponsorship issues, the singer is now being hosted by Salman Khan's close friend 

International singer Akon and Shah Rukh Khan have become friends in the last year, following him recording a track for the actor's film RaOne. Last year, the actor hosted a bash for the singer. Akon's birthday is around the corner (April 16) and King Khan was planning to have him perform in the city for the same. But due to sponsorship issues as well as time constraints due to the on-going IPL season, he couldn't lock the deal in time.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan wanted to host the event but was advised against it, given his history with SRK. Now, Akon has been scooped out of SRK's camp and the venue for the act has shifted to Pune, and Salman's close friend, Bala is at the helm of things.

An insider spills the beans, "Akon, apparently, gave SRK a discounted rate for the Mumbaiperformance, given their long-standing association. The amount was about 50 lakhs for a two-hour performance but sponsors didn't come on board quick enough and SRK opted to let go of the offer."

The source adds, "Salman suddenly came into the picture and we were informed that he wanted to be involved with the show. But he was advised against it because Akon and SRK have the Ra.One connect. He was told that he could host Akon post SRK's film release not before that. Finally a solution was found. The Pune bash is being hosted by Salman's friend, and while it is still 'his' event, he is not directly in the picture."
Akon is being chartered to Pune.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Salman inspires Aamir, Ajay, Abhishek

Salman, Ajay, Abhishek, Aamir
Salman Khan has been there, done that and seems like the world is following him! 

Our chikna Salman Khan sported a macho cop look in Dabanng where he was seen sporting a moustache for the first time. The Khan has certainly set a trend with the biggest blockbuster of 2010.

While many doubted about how impressive Salman will be in the mustached look, he succeeded in wowing audience and achieved huge success. Now, other actors aspire to achieve the same.

After Salman; Aamir KhanAbhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgn will be seen playing a cop in their forthcoming flicks. Point to be noted is that all the three will be sporting a moustache a la Salman.

While Aamir got into the look for Reema Kagti's next, Abhishek did it for Dum Maaro Dum and Ajay plays a cop in Singham. Interestingly, Shahid Kapoor is also sporting a moustache in Mausamwhere he plays a fighter pilot.

Despite being loved for his clean shaved look, Salman impressed all with his moustache and his cult cop role of Chulbul Pandey. Only time will tell how Aamir, Ajay and Abhishek fare.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Manjari Fadnis bond with Darsheel Safary

Manjari Fadnis was paired with Imraan Khan in her debut film Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na and now in her second film Zokkomon, she is working withDarsheel Safary who debuted in an Aamir Khan production. 

She bonded well with the child actor on the sets of this Disney production. Manjari, who has grown quite fond of Darsheel is now telling people he is her most favorite co-star! That might be stretching the truth but we can understand how both being Shiamak Davar students, must've had a blast during the song and dance sequences.

The actress looked out for Darsheel as an older sister while filming, and they've have continued their connection post shooting as well. Nice to know they haven't lost touch, no Aamir? 

My Royals are born fighters: Shilpa

Shilpa Shetty is back in news, now that the IPL season is all set to start. Not that she has ever been out of it, for even sometime ago, she made it to headlines when she was bypassed for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to represent the state in the World Kannada Conference. 

But sitting back in a plush chair in Jaipur, all set to be seen on the stands cheering for her team for the next whole month, Shilpa brushes aside all such questions. For now, it's all about her passion for cricket, her expectations from her team in the upcoming IPL, and her soon-to-be-launched clothing line, she says. Here's how the chat with her went...

You are back in Jaipur with your royals... How is the feeling? 
Yes. It feels like coming back home. Jaipur turf gives me a feeling of close association and bonding with the people, the culture. The people of Rajasthan have always loved me and given me their blessings. I feel like a royal.

What are your expectations from IPL4? 
Expectations are always the root cause of sorrows, so not that. Also, I am pragmatic and believe in leading life without having to be diplomatic. But I can definitely guarantee one thing – my Royals are born fighters and have come a long way. They were the underdogs initially and then came through with flying colours. Our royals (she always refers to the team as royals and not players) will prove their mettle this time, too.

Will Rahul Dravid's presence in the team make difference? 
All I can say is that this team is the best one we have had so far. We have a balanced set of players – and with players like Dravid, who has been a trendsetting captain too, we will definitely be will be throwing googlies (laughs).

Apart from cricket, what else are you doing? Are you helping your hubby in his business? 
Whatever I do, always do it with great passion and faith, be it anything or even cricket. After yoga DVD and spa centre, I am now concentrating on something new. Soon I will launch my contemporary clothing line, may be in a couple of months. Initially, it will be women's wear only.

On the personal front, when do you plan to have kids? 
Don't worry. Whenever I have such plans, I will definitely let you know.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Tania Zaetta pleads not guilty!

Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta has pleaded not guilty after she was charged with obstructing police and public nuisance for an incident that took place allegedly after a wild night out in Australia. 

Zaetta, 40, who was accompanied by her mother and Byron Bay-based lawyer John Weller, arrived at Southport Magistrates Court wearing a short white dress and suede high heels and sparkling silver nail polish.

The actress pleaded not guilty to both charges that arose after an altercation at Vanity nightclub in Surfers Paradise in the early hours of March 21.

The case was adjourned until May 9, and outside court, Zaetta said she was "looking forward to proving her innocence and clearing her name".

"There's no wrongdoing here at all," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"As far as myself and my family are concerned, there's been some very hurtful and misleading and false and incorrect reports in the media and I also look forward to correcting those," she added.

Weller said he had requisitioned security camera footage which he was confident would help prove his client innocent